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Friday, December 29, 2017

Firenock Lighted Nock 

Firenock lighted nocks are something I'm very familiar with. I've been involved with several projects over the years with Dorge Haung and his family, yet their lighted nock is still, in my opinion, the best lighted nock on the market.

Along with many hundreds of colours, styles, etc, they have 3 types of lighted nocks. The hunter model which can stay on for weeks, the intermittent model which flashes like a beacon and can stay on for weeks and their target model which stays on for 17 seconds so that you can see your shot in the target, but then it goes out so your competitors can't see it.

Firenock employs both Missile-Arming Technology, which means that they light up once fired, and Surface-Mount Technology (SMT), which means that they do not require any sort of actuator or any pushing and/or twisting to turn on or off. Firenock stays lit after hitting hard objects (bone, stone, concrete), if the game is moving vigorously, and even if it is submerged into water for weeks with the Hydro Bow-Fishing Adapter.

The batteries are easy to change, simply twist the old one counter clock wise to remove and do the same with the new battery to install. They come with a lifetime warranty that, for a nominal fee, will get you a new nock and circuit board. Even if you "Robin Hood" an arrow. You should check their website for the exact costs and which items are covered.

The 2 pack has an MSRP is $55.95 which, while it seems a lot, is actually a bargain when you consider the ease of use and the warranty. 

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