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Zeiss Terra XB75 Crossbow Scope

​​​Sharp, Crystal Clear, Precise, that's how I describe Zeiss's entry into the crossbow market. I've gone through a lot of scopes on the various crossbows I've used and the XB75 is the best of the best.

Some wonder why Zeiss doesn't have an illuminated reticle version of this scope. The answer is that it's not necessary. I've taken this scope out and looked through it with only a half moon for light and I could still see the crosshair easily, so in any legal shooting light, there is no problem putting the crosshair on whatever you want to shoot.

it's easy to set up using standard 1 inch "weaver style" scope mounts and once you dial in the shooting distance graph, all you have to do is keep it clean. There's no maintenance involved with it. 

I've never had a problem with anything coming loose, once it's sighted in, it stays put. I accidentally dropped it out of a 17 foot treestand while attached to a crossbow and, even though it landed on the scope, it shot exact from each distance. 

The new ZEISS TERRA XB75 is the first premium scope to dedicate German engineering and performance to hardcore crossbow enthusiasts. With a lightweight, rugged, compact 1“ design and MC anti-reflective coatings to squeeze every last minute of shootable light out of your hunting day, the XB75 hunts as hard and long as you do

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December 29, 2017